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This confirms that Kerrie Dudley of Antipodean Medical Recruitment has been my locum agent since November 2010.  I am a specialist general physician/internist and currently have specialist registration in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  I am currently doing a 7 month locum in New Zealand where I have vocational registration (obtained with Kerrie’s help, guidance and support).  In addition to working in South Africa, my home country and also my country of training, I have worked in the Shetland Islands, the Middle East (Bahrain), Cyprus (on several occasions) and Gibraltar (also on several occasions), England and Northern Ireland.  Kerrie’s services have included help with immigration formalities and likewise with regard to the best way to go about obtaining medical registration in New Zealand, my situation being somewhat unique with regard to the latter.  Her knowledge of local conditions where I have worked in New Zealand, in advance of my starting work there, has been excellent.  She has been an excellent intermediary during negotiations with potential employees and has often relieved me of having to attend to details personally. Her relationships with immigration authorities and medical registration authorities are again excellent.  Throughout the time period that she has been my agent, she has been incredibly supportive of both me and my family, and has made regular contact before, during and after my periods of employment.  She has even visited me in person during this time!  In short, my experience of her as an agent has been superb.  I recommend her unreservedly.

Dr Harvey - South African trained Physician