Working as a Doctor in Australia

Australia is known as the "lucky country" for many reasons:

  • work-life balance
  • environment
  • career and training opportunities

Hospitals are innovative, consultants approachable, and the salaries and hours allow doctors to enjoy a full life. Australia is one of the best countries in the world to work in as a doctor, and here's why:

Facilities: Australian hospitals and training are modeled on the UK and US health systems. They are innovative and are leaders when it comes to research. The Hospitals are very well equipped with modern equipment, technology and facilities.

Approachable Staff: Hospital staff are known for being friendly, personal and very professional creating an informal and friendly work environment. Consultants are approachable and want to guide junior doctors along in their career.

Public Healthcare: Medicare, the Australian government funded health care provider, offers free medical assistance for Australian citizens (and those citizens of countries with reciprocal agreements) through Public Hospitals throughout Australia.

Salaries: Salaries can vary between States, and each State government sets the rate of pay, based on a 38 hour week. Unless specified, doctors who work more than 38 hours per week are paid extra penalty rates. If you are rostered to work nights, weekends or public holidays you are also paid extra penalty rates for them.

Average base doctor salaries in Australia
Resident / House Officer AU$60,000 - $80,000
Registrar AU$65,000 - $100,000
Consultant AU$120,000 - $250,000

On top of your salary, most hospitals offer the following:

Annual Leave – up to 5 weeks paid leave per year

Superannuation – this is a government requirement and it is paid in additional to your salary. Doctors returning to their own countries are able to apply for their superannuation contributions to be released when they leave Australia – it is on the back of the customs form.

Meals and Accommodation – these may be provided free or subsidized.

Tax benefits: Doctors in all States are able to salary sacrifice a portion of their pay, which minimises your tax. Depending on the hospital, up to 30% of your income can be tax-free. On arrival to Australia, we highly recommend you discuss this option with the Hospital’s finance department or an accountant.

Compare Australia to other countries and see what you think - it's got a great lifestyle and work balance and it's an awesome place to explore. The Aussies are welcoming and open and the country is fascinating and fun - just ask anyone that's been here.

Working as a doctor in Australia offers huge variety, good life-work balance and good income.

If you're a doctor then the first step to begin your dream life/work balance lifestyle is to register now!


Mt Beerwah, Glasshouse mountains, Australia


Loch and Gorge Beach, Victoria, Australia
Blue Mountains, Sydney, NSW, Australia