What we do - Step by Step

What happens after I submit my registration & CV?


Our services cost you nothing, they are covered by your future employer.


Step by step:

  1. Registration form You fill out the Registration form and submit your CV.
  2. Life-goals conversation: We call or SKYPE you to discuss:
    1. Your medical skills to find the perfect hospital or medical centre for your area(s) of expertise.
    2. Your lifestyle and personal goals to find your perfect location.
  3. We locate available job positions that match your professional skills/aspirations in a location where you may best fulfill your lifestyle wishes, and then discuss these with you.
  4. Job Applications and Interviews:
    1. Correct application forms: We provide you with the correct application forms for your particular position(s), and support you through the application process.
    2. CV formatting: Medical facilities and boards require particular formats for medical doctor CVs depending on the area and country - we know what is required where, and will help you match these requirements so your application has the best chance of success.
    3. Interviews: We help set up your interviews so they run smoothly even if there are major time zone differences.
  5. Government paperwork: Once your job offer is in hand, we help you with this next step.
    1. Medical Registration: We provide a step by step instruction list for registration with the national medical board, and answer any questions you may have along the way.  New Zealand and Australia have different requirements and these can be confusing - we take the stress out of it.
    2. Work Visa: We ensure you understand how to apply for your work visa, making it a hassle free process.  It is an easy process if you know what to do when - we have the experience to change this potentially scary process into a simple paperwork exercise.
  6. Application status updates: We follow up on the status of your many applications and keep you updated on their progress.  We are there to discuss potential options if they arise, and give you the advice you need to make any necessary decisions.  Having the experience makes all the difference - we've been through this process for our own family in the beginning, and for all of our clients - we know what to do.
  7. Relocation Assistance: Once everything is set and you are ready to move, we provide you with additional information to assist in the relocation - tried and true removalist companies to move your household goods across the oceans, help setting up bank accounts before you arrive, help with communications providers so you may always have a working phone, and all the other little things that assure a smooth relocation, so you can get excited about the future without worrying about the details.
  8. Professional Transition: On arrival in Australia or New Zealand, we make sure you can settle into your new position as easily as possible by:
    1. Providing Hospital Reporting details
    2. Organizing Medical Council interviews
    3. Providing other starting paperwork as required for your particular position - Medicare, Tax file number application, etc
    4. Exclusive Goodies: Doctors who work with us exclusively are provided with other goodies - contact us for more details!
  9. Follow up: We contact both you and your hospital once you have had a chance to settle in, to make sure you are both comfortable and progressing smoothly, and to rectify any issues.
  10. Recommendations: The last step is our favourite: You love our service so much you recommend us to everyone!  95% of our business has been generated by referrals; please feel free to pass on my details to your colleagues and friends.
Step by step medical recruitment