What we do for you - Hospitals

Why is AMR the best Hospital and GP Clinic Human Resource partner?

We personally place our doctors, assuring the doctors are not only in their best practice team, but also in the location of their dreams.  Happy Doctors, make happy hospital teams, make happy and healthier patients.


We are the best Hospital and GP Clinic human resource recruitment partner because:

  1. Personal Placement: We take each Hospital and GP Clinic team personality and current skill set into consideration when placing our doctors.  Our placements not only suit the required skill sets for the positions, but also fit into the current hospital culture, strengthening the team as a whole.
  2. Paperwork assistance: Our doctors are quick starters, partly because we cover all the help the doctor may need with step by step registration processes.  This process can be quite time consuming, so we are here to help the doctors and talk to the Medical Board/Council on your behalf, letting you focus on the more important things such as working with your current team and those ever changing rosters.
  3. Work Visas: We ensure the doctors know how to apply for work visas - making the process hassle free for them, and removing it from your plate all together.
  4. Relocation Details: We provide doctors with additional resources for their relocation – such as help with removalists, setting up bank accounts before they arrive, and anything else that could otherwise make the change stressful.  We want happy, energetic, excited new doctors for your team, and to help with this we remove the stress of moving.
  5. Smooth Arrivals: On arrival into Australia or New Zealand we make sure the doctors’ transition is as easy as possible by:
    1. Interviews: Making sure the doctor attends the interview with the Medical Board/Council
    2. Forms: Ensuring all forms are completed properly, for example Tax File Numbers, and we provide any other forms that may need completion for their specific position i.e. Medicare
    3. Quality Assurance: We follow up with you and the doctor once they have settled in, to ensure the placement was a positive one, and that everything is running smoothly.

Curious to learn more about what we do?  Here is the doctor's step by step page.